One man electric golf buggy video demonstrations

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Introducing the L4000 Pro

Matt and Jon introduce Bugg-ease Ltd and take you on a tour of all the reasons why the Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro single seat golf buggy is the best buggy of its kind on the market.

Terrain Performance

Jon discusses the superb features that make the Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro one man golf cart ready to handle any golf course. These features include:

  • Two speed settings cope with any hill, even in wet conditions
  • Twisting chassis brings comfort and stability over bumps and undulations
  • Anti-roll wheels for added peace of mind
  • Lightweight + all-terrain bubble tyres = greenkeeper friendly

Watch the video to see how it performs!

A golf buggy that fits in your car boot.

 With the ability to either drive-in or fold, our single seat golf buggies will fit in almost any car.

Our buggy is compact enough to fit into a small car

Easy Loading Demonstration

Our video demonstrations illustrate just how quick and easy it is to load a Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro one man golf buggy into your car. There are three methods to choose from:

  • Manual loading with the power off
  • Power-assisted loading
  • Loading with the remote control – included free of charge with every buggy

Also shown is our folding ramp set, which is available to purchase with your buggy in the shop.

How to Assemble the Lithium 4000 Pro one man golf cart

Jon talks you through how to easily assemble the Lithium 4000 Pro, should you ever need to break it down into its three main sections: front, back and seat.

How to put the chair on your golf buggy

Last but not least, in this short video Jon demonstrates how to attach the chair to your buggy before you head off round the course.