The month of May 2020 was the driest month on record, and thankfully the glorious weather coincided with the lifting of lockdown restrictions, allowing many to return to golf. Or indeed, to take up the sport from scratch! However, the weather is set to break (this is Britain after all!), so you need a compact golf buggy that performs well come rain or shine!

As the popularity of the game continues to grow, as does demand for our all weather single seat lithium powered golf buggy – the Bugg-ease Lithium 3000. However, this is by no means a fair-weather buggy – it is truly a year-round investment.

A true all-weather single seat compact golf buggy

The Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 boasts not only a lithium battery delivering up to 45km on a single charge, it also comes equipped with all-weather tyres and both the buggy and lithium battery are full waterproof. Of course, with Bugg-ease these are included as standard.

Come rain or shine, the Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 will improve your access to any golf course. You will be able to enjoy a full round whatever the weather. You can be sure your buggy will perform well all year around, not just in the summer months.

If you’d like to try a Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 before you buy, just contact us to book your test drive.

Bugg-ease are the Premier UK supplier of all weather single seat golf buggies.