When you love golf, the thought of giving it up feels like losing a part of yourself. As golfers ourselves, at Bugg-ease we know it’s not just about hitting a ball; it’s about time spent with friends, getting a bit of exercise, and (hopefully!) soaking up some sun. But what happens when getting around the course becomes a hassle? That’s where our one man electric golf buggies step in.

Why Giving Up Golf Hurts

Missing Out on Fun Times

As we all know, golf isn’t just about the game; it’s about the laughs, the banter, and the good times with your mates. No longer being able to easily make it around the course can mean saying goodbye to golf, which in turn means waving off all those priceless moments, both on the course and in the clubhouse.

Losing that all-important fresh air and exercise

Walking the course, swinging the club—it’s basically a workout disguised as fun. Without golf, you’re missing out on a decent bit of exercise that keeps you feeling fit and lively, as well as some valuable vitamin D!

Feeling Stuck at Home

The golf course is your escape, your green slice of paradise away from home. Without it, you might find yourself cooped up inside, missing out on the fresh air and social time.


How our Golf Buggies Save the Day

Keeping You in the Game

Basically, our golf buggies aren’t just for convenience; they’re your ticket back to the game you love. With various options to choose from, including throttle type, chair type and colour, we have a golf buggy to suit everyone. In our introductory video, Matt describes all of the options – you can view the demo videos here.

Making Golf Accessible

No more struggling to navigate the course – our single seat golf buggies make it easy again. With their twisting chassis, anti-roll wheels and two speed settings, they handle any course and give a safe and stable ride. A Bugg-ease golf buggy will undoubtedly give you back the freedom to enjoy the game at your own pace.

Bringing Back the Good Times

With one of our golf buggies on your side, you’re not just playing golf; you’re reconnecting with friends, staying active, and enjoying the great outdoors – and maybe even a drink or two in the clubhouse after!

Conclusion: Don’t Let Golf Slip Away

Golf is more than just a game—it’s a lifestyle. So why let mobility issues get in the way? With a trusty Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf buggy, you can keep living your best golfing life, one hole at a time.


Ready to hit the course again? Buy your Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf buggy today!

Blue single golf buggy with comfortable chair, bag holder and basket parked in the sunshine on a UK golf course