Our Buggy - the Lithium 4000 Pro.

An indepth review of our premium single seat golf buggies.

The Ultimate Single Seat One Man Golf Buggy

Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro is a premium quality single seat golf cart. Offering a lithium battery as standard, as well as a wealth of other great features, we believe our one man golf buggies are the best on the market. Furthermore, they’re in stock today and available to test drive at our golf course based showroom. Alternatively, we offer uk-wide demos with no obligation – simply contact us to find out more.

This page takes an indepth look at the many features offered by the Lithium 4000 Pro, but of course if you have any more questions about the buggy, or our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

VAT exempt electric one man golf buggy cart for sale in the UK in stock
weatherproof one man golf cart for sale UK

Lightweight & streamlined golf buggy

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro one man golf cart boasts a brand new chassis design for 2022. The new chassis offers not only an attractive and streamlined design, it also fully encloses the control unit with the very latest in waterproofing technology.

So, you can be assured that whatever the weather, your golf buggy won’t let you down. Another key point is that even with this high level of protection, there is no compromise on weight. Your one man golf buggy is still lightweight, foldable, and easily fits into even a small car.

Superior Lithium ION Battery included as standard

Unlike many other compact one man golf buggy retailers, we provide a superior Lithium ION battery as standard. We don’t believe in luring you in with a cheap price point, only to add on an expensive upgrade for a quality battery. After all, we only believe in selling a quality product that performs well. That’s why all out buggies come with a lightweight waterproof Lithium ION battery and charger, which provides 45km on a full charge – more than enough for a couple of rounds.

Lithium battery powered electric golf buggy for sale UK
single seat golf buggy for sale UK

One man golf cart with your choice of throttle

Our range of single seat golf buggies offer a choice of two throttles. You can choose between a pedal throttle with steering wheel option, and a “motorbike” style handlebar throttle. Obviously, everyone will have a different preference, and you can test drive both options at out showroom before you buy.

The handlebar option even comes complete with a handy score card holder!

A golf buggy with a safe place for your clubs

Of course, you can’t play a round without your clubs! Therefore, our compact electric golf buggies feature a secure space for your golf bag. You’ll find it’s easy to secure and release your bag using the integrated straps. Another great standard feature is the basket at the front of the buggy, which is perfect for storing smaller items safely.

Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf buggy for sale in UK
disability VAT exempt one man single seat electric golf cart buggy for sale in UK

Our golf cart copes with any incline

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro comes complete with 24v motor, and copes with any incline you’re likely to find on a golf course. What’s more, our golf buggy features anti-roll safety wheels, ensuring a safe ride every time.

Choose your chair

Whichever throttle option you choose for your single seat golf buggy, you can choose to upgrade your chair from our car-friendly lightweight version, to the super-comfortable Captain’s chair. The luxurious Captain’s chair also has armrests for extra comfort and safety. Both of the chair options are waterproof.

Single seat one man golf buggies for sale in UK
disability VAT exempt one man single seat electric golf cart buggy for sale in UK

Golf buggy accessories included as standard

Your Bugg-ease single seat electric buggy comes fully equipped with handy accessories, such as a basket – useful for storing all sorts of items, an umbrella holder to provide shelter from the elements – be it the pouring rain or the blazing sun, and if you need it, a remote control for easy loading. The handlebar version of the buggy also comes with a score card holder mounted on the bar.

Qualifying customers can purchase our golf carts with VAT Exemption