Frequently Asked Questions

If you can’t find the answer to your questions here we’re more than happy to answer anything you like over the phone or by email. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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    How long is the warranty on the golf buggy?

    Your golf buggy comes with a 12 month doorstep warranty. If the buggy needs any repair during the warranty period, we arrange the parts and work at your convenience

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    What are the dimensions of the golf buggy?

    The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro Mk II golf buggy dimensions are as follows:

    Length: 146cm / 57.5″
    Width: 84cm / 33″
    Height with seat on: 110cm / 43″
    Lowest height with seat removed and handlebars lowered: 45cm / 17.5″

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    Will the buggy fit in my car?

    Our golf buggies fit in most medium-size hatchbacks, including VW Golf, Ford Focus, Vauxhall Astra, Audi A3 and similar.

    In terms of SUVs and crossovers, it will fit in models such as Nissan Juke, Kia Niro, Peugeot 3008 and Vauxhall Crossland.

    Of course, it will also fit in any vehicle larger than these!

    The specific dimensions are answered in the question above, but the most important factor is the length of 146cm. Height and width are rarely an issue.

    We can also show you how to ‘level your car boot’ should there be a drop, with internal buggy ramps.

    A Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf buggy driven into the boot of an small car
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    I have a small car with a boot under 146cm in length, will the golf buggy still fit in?

    Our one man golf buggy can be separated into 2 halves, contact us for advice on how to make this easy.

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    How easy is it to load the golf buggy into a car?

    Our one man golf buggies are designed to be easy to load. Simply remove the the seat, lower the handlebars, and drive it up our premium quality ultra lightweight loading ramps using our specialised handheld remote. Here’s Jon and Matt with a video demonstration of how to load the buggy.

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    My course is very hilly, will the golf buggy be able to handle it?

    Our buggy can handle some of the most severe inclines, with a twisting chassis, an anti roll bar, and bubble tyres.

    There does have to be a degree of sensibility about the hills and undulations that you take on.

    The video shown here shows how well the buggy performs at our resident club.

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    Can I drive the golf buggy on pavements or pathways?

    The buggy can be driven on pathways and pavements (or roads where there are no pavements). It does not need to be registered or insured.

    The buggy has two speed settings (determined by the key position) – the first setting has a 4mph limit and the second goes up to 8mph.

    The first setting of 4mph makes the buggy compliant with all Class 2 regulations.

    The battery will comfortably drive you to and from golf course, with 18 holes in between, within a 6 mile radius.

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    Are the tyres winter ready?

    Our tyres are all weather balloon tyres, combined with modern materials and a lightweight structure. These features lessen the impact on the fairway, and consequently the buggy is allowed on courses even in soggy conditions.

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    Is there a maximum carry weight?

    Our single seat golf buggies can carry up to 28 stones (inc. clubs).

Showroom and Demonstrations

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    I live too far from the showroom, can I still try before I buy?

    Yes! We offer no obligation demos across the UK from our network of hubs. Contact us to find out more.

    Map of bugg-ease hub locations in the UK
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    When is the showroom open?

    The showroom is open 7 days a week, by appointment only. We are happy to welcome you at a time to suit you – please just contact us to make an appointment.

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    Where is the showroom?

    The showroom is located at East Bierley Golf Club, South View Road, East Bierley, West Yorkshire BD4 6PP. We also have a network of hubs up and down the country – get in touch to find your nearest representative.


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    How long is the warranty on the battery?

    All our Lithium batteries are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase.

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    How long does the battery take to charge?

    A full charge from near empty will take between 4-6 hours.

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    Can I leave the battery on charge overnight?

    Yes. Once fully charged the charger will go onto a trickle charge – purely topping up the battery when required.

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    How often should I charge my golf cart lithium battery?

    To get the best performance from a lithium battery you should ideally be put the battery on charge within 48 hours of using it and it should be disconnected from the charger within 48 hours of the charge being completed. The LED light on the charger will show a RED light when charging and a GREEN light when complete.

    If you aren’t using the battery for a long period of time, we advise that you frequently place the battery on charge every 4 weeks.

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    How many charges will I get out of my lithium battery?

    Our batteries will provide around 1,500 – 2,000 cycles (uses).

    This means if you do 36 holes a week, the battery should still be going strong after 10 years!

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    Can I take the battery off the buggy?

    Yes. The lightweight battery (8kg) can easily be removed from the buggy, for either charging at home or security. The battery has its own charging point.

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    How should I store my lithium battery?

    Lithium batteries should be stored like any other battery, without any exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Warranty and Service

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    Where can I get spare parts for the golf buggy?

    We are always fully stocked with golf carts.

    We are always fully stocked with all golf buggy spare parts from wheels to bearings to chargers.

    We pride ourselves on a doorstep warranty, 24 hour service and 48 hour delivery!

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    How do I get my golf buggy repaired or serviced?

    Whilst our main base is in West Yorkshire, we also have a team of experienced service agents located across the UK and Ireland.

    We offer a ‘doorstep warranty’; any issues within warranty period and we make sure you never have to come to us, please see our reviews underlining our service pledge!

    Anything outside of warranty, we will endeavour to sort ourselves at a low cost. Should you require a service we can direct you to one of our experienced and well trained golf cart agents across the UK.

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    Do you service golf buggies?

    For any golf buggy purchased from us, there’s nothing to worry about for the first year as we offer a market-leading “doorstep warranty“. This means any issues are dealt with by us without you having to move a muscle.

    After 12 months, we have a network of trade agents, and can also pick up your buggy within 24 hours, service it, and return it to you within a week – just see our Google Reviews!

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    How long is the warranty on the golf buggy?

    Your golf buggy comes with a 12 month doorstep warranty. If the buggy needs any repair during the warranty period, we arrange the parts and work at your convenience

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    How long is the warranty on the battery?

    All our Lithium batteries are guaranteed for 24 months from the date of purchase.


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    How quickly can I get a golf buggy?

    Orders placed before 2pm can be delivered next working day to most UK postcodes.

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    How much is delivery?

    We use a courier delivery service with a fee of £50 (£41.67 + VAT) to anywhere within 50 miles of East Bierley Golf Club, BD4 6PP. For anywhere over 50 miles from BD4 6PP and within the UK, the charge is £96 (£80 + VAT). Orders placed before 4pm will be despatched the same working day for next working day delivery. Overseas delivery is available and takes 3-5 working days, please enquire for a price.

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    Can I collect the buggy myself?

    Yes, of course! Please just make an appointment to collect your buggy from our warehouse.

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    I live overseas, can you deliver?

    Yes – and we will make sure of a good deal to absorb additional transport costs, which tend to be minimal considering our logistics efficiency.

    We can process VAT exemption within the UK (inc Northern Ireland).

    We are able to uphold our doorstep warranty overseas through trade partners, it will never cost you a penny within warranty.

    Service thereafter can be upheld by local agents.

Finance and VAT Exemption

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    Can I get a VAT Exemption?

    Our buggy has been designed for use by disabled people, and as such qualifies for VAT exemption. To qualify, the buggy must be for your own private use, and you must be able to provide one of the following:

    A copy of your blue Mobility Badge
    A letter from your GP explaining it would be difficult for you to play golf without the use of a buggy

    If you are awaiting any of these documents, then we can still proceed with the sale as VAT exempt on the understanding that you are in the process of obtaining the letter and that it will be forwarded on when available.

    Up to 6 months is ok, don’t let this hold up your purchase VAT EXEMPT!

    Please note, there are penalties for making false declarations, if the exemption is not authorised then you will be responsible for paying the VAT in full.

    When you place your order, we’ll ask you to sign a form making a legally binding declaration about your illness or disability, that we may be required to provide to HMRC.

    In completing this form, you are declaring that you are claiming VAT relief under Group 12 of Schedule 8 of the Value Added Tax Act 1994. It is an offence to make a false declaration. The information you provide is kept strictly confidential and is used only for our application of VAT relief to the products we supply you with and for the VAT accounting purposes of HMRC.

    You can download the form here if you like, and we will send a self-addressed envelope containing the form with your buggy.

    Download the form as a PDF here

    Download the form as a Word Document here

    How to purchase your buggy VAT-free

    To purchase your buggy without VAT in our online shop, simply add your choice of buggy to your basket and fill out the quick form on the Checkout page. The VAT will then be deducted before you make your payment.

    Copies of supporting documents can be shown to us by taking a picture and then emailing to


    You can send a photocopy by post to Bugg-ease Ltd, 18 Dean Park Drive, Bradford, BD11 1AP.
    Please contact us with any queries at on or call Jon on 07397 198379

    Should you call or email, we can assist you in making a VAT-free purchase.

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    I don't have any evidence of qualifying for VAT exemption yet. Can I still purchase a buggy without paying VAT?

    Yes, you have up to 6 months to show evidence so there’s no need to let it delay your VAT-free purchase. Simply sign the form we send (also linked in the question above) and send us the evidence when you receive it.

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    Do you offer part exchange against a new golf buggy?

    Yes, we are flexible and here to get our buggy shown on your golf course!

    Contact us to discuss, we are always open to a deal.

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    Do you give credit on single seat golf carts?

    Flexible payment plans for our golf buggies can be discussed, please contact us to find out more.


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    What is your returns policy?

    In the event that you no longer require your purchase from Bugg-ease, you may return unused goods within 7 days of receipt for a full refund.

    Unfortnuately refunds cannot be made for products that show evidence of having been used or damaged.

    All refunds will be processed within 10 days following receipt of goods.