Here we take an indepth look at the Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 compact single seat golf buggy.

Welcome to Bugg-ease – the UK’s premier supplier of compact electric golf buggies. Here, we take an indepth look at the Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 – and electric golf buggy that’s at the top of its game! Read on to see why we believe our product is the best on the market.

The Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 on the course.

Lithium Battery – as standard

Lithium battery powered golf buggies

When it comes to performance, a lithium battery far outstrips the lead option. Lead batteries are heavy (approx 25kg for a pair), don’t deliver as much power, and have a shorter working life. In the name of quality, we took the decision to offer lithium batteries as standard on our buggies. Many of our competitors offer them of course, but they are mostly expensive optional upgrades.

We’re so confident in our lithium batteries that they come with a 2 year warranty from the date of purchase, although they are likely to last much longer.

In terms of distance the batteries deliver up to 45km on a single charge, which is easily enough for 36 holes and some to spare!

At Bugg-ease we don’t believe in hidden extras or expensive upsells – we believe in only selling top quality buggies at a fair, all-inclusive price.

Matthew Anderson – Director


For your peace of mind we offer 2 years warranty on our Lithium batteries, and 12 months on the buggy. Click here to find out more.

All weather performance

The good old British weather means you need true all-weather perfomance from your single seat golf buggy. The Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 offers just that. It’s fully waterproof, and boasts all-terrain tyres that perform well in the wet. Furthermore, our buggy is able to tackle inclines of up to 16º, meaning you can negotiate the whole course with peace of mind that your buggy won’t let you down.

Chunky tyres perform well on course terrain, even in the wet!

The golf buggy that fits in almost any car!

The Bugg-ease Lithium 3000 truly is a compact personal golf buggy. When you visit the showroom (at East Bierley Golf Club) to view your buggy and test drive it on the course, you can also decide the best way to transport it to and from your own golf club. We offer you a choice; You can either driving your buggy into your car boot with the help of our rigid or foldable ramps, or if you prefer you can easily fold the buggy down and lift it into the boot. Both methods are quick and easy – it just depends on your vehicle size and your personal preference.