This article gives you all the information on our Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf cart. If you’re in the market for an easy and convenient way to get around the course, look no further – our one man electric golf cart has everything you need and more!

Compact Electric Golf Carts for sale in the UK

When it comes to choosing a single-seat golf cart, there are many things to consider. In this article we will consider each aspect of the bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro and explore the benefits golf cart ownership can bring.

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro is a premium single seat golf cart. It is designed to make getting around the course easy and worry-free. We will explore each feature in depth further down this article, but a quick guide to the features are as follows:

  • It’s a lightweight and compact golf cart that fits in a car boot
  • Superior lithium battery comes as standard
  • Choice of throttle for your golf cart – ‘motorbike’ style on the handlebar, or a pedal
  • Stowage for your clubs and a basket for keeping small items safe
  • A very able golf cart that will cope with the inclines of your course in all weathers
  • Your golf cart comes with a choice of waterproof chair – either the car-friendly lightweight chair, or the luxurious Captain’s chair
  • VAT Exempt golf cart for qualifying customers

So, let’s take a closer look at the features.

Lightweight and compact golf cart that fits in a car boot

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro golf cart is certainly compact. At 146cm long, 81cm wide, and just 50cm tall with the seat removed, it’s small enough to easily fit in many car boots and is easily loaded with our ramp kit. Furthermore, it can be dismantled for even more compact storage should you wish. Just because it’s compact doesn’t mean it can’t perform though – this small golf cart is bursting with industry-leading features.

Streamlined waterproof chassis

Our premium one man golf carts feature a streamlined, waterproof chassis, meaning you can use your buggy whatever the weather. The Lithium battery (that comes as standard!) is also waterproof, so there’s no need to worry if you get caught in the rain at the 9th hole! Your golf cart even comes with a handy umbrella holder to save you from the elements too!

close up of all weather golf cart chassis on a sunny day
Streamlined weatherproof chassis
close up of golf cart waterproofing technology
Fully enclosed control unit is protected from the elements
close up of an umbrella holder on a golf buggy on a golf course. An orange umbrella is in the holder
Handy umbrella holder

Superior Lithium battery as standard

Our golf cart isn’t called a Lithium 4000 for nothing! No poor lead batteries here – instead your golf cart will come equipped with a superior lithium battery, providing up to 45km on a single charge. Not only that, your battery is covered by our 24 month warranty, so you have peace of mind that it will serve you well for years to come.

close up image of single seat golf buggy lithium battery showing battery charge level
Superior lithium battery as standard

Fantastic Incline Performance

The Bugg-ease Lithium 4000 Pro performs copes brilliantly with inclines in all weathers. There aren’t many slopes the cutting-edge balloon tyres can’t handle. Furthermore, anti-tip roller wheels ensure a safe ride wherever you golf cart may take you. You can view our incline performance video on our demo videos page.

All-weather tyres
close up of anti-tip rollers on an electric golf cart for sale in the UK
Anti-tip rollers for safety

Choose your throttle and your chair

Not only do we offer you a choice of throttle, you also get to choose which chair you’d like. Our golf carts offer a pedal throttle or a ‘motorbike’ style handlebar one. Equally important is the choice of chair: you can choose the convenient, car friendly compact chair, or treat yourself to the luxurious Captain’s chair upgrade.

close up of the pedal throttle on a single seat golf cart in the UK
Pedal Throttle
handlebar throttle on a golf cart for sale in the UK
‘Motorbike’ style handlebar throttle
chair on a compact electric golf cart for sale in the UK
Compact chair
luxurious chair on a small golf cart in the UK
Luxury Captain’s chair

A golf cart that carries your clubs and more!

Despite its compact size, our golf cart is more than capable of carrying your full bag of clubs for you. With its rear golf bag carrier with dual-strap system, your clubs will be secure whatever the terrain. There is also a small basket at the front, perfect for carrying golf balls and other small items such as your wallet and car keys.

Dual strap system – top strap
close up of anti-tip rollers on an electric golf cart for sale in the UK
Dual strap system – bottom strap
Golf cart basket for carrying small items

Buy your golf cart direct from the best – Bugg-ease!

Why buy from us? The answer is this… Not only do we offer a fantastic product with plenty of immediately available UK stock, we also deliver outstanding customer service and peace of mind with our warranty on both golf cart and battery. In addition, we are official TGI Golf suppliers.

Furthermore, you can even try before you buy at our showroom in West Yorkshire, or even on your own doorstep with our no-obligation demos (contact us for more details). In addition to quality and service, we bring you excellent value and competitive prices. Another key point is that we are golfers ourselves, meaning we know just what’s needed from a golf cart.

You can read more about the buggy itself on our homepage, and of course, if you’d like to know more about the team behind bugg-ease, click here to read all about us.